“The environment Huba creates strips sex of sensuality… Sex becomes a form of silly putty that can be stretched and contorted to reflect different aspects of popular culture.” (Candy Tastes Nice)

“Candy Tastes Nice at the Kleines Theater has the makings of a great scandal in the autumnal season.” Salzburger Nachrichten (Candy Tastes Nice)

"…constantly shifts from drama, to comedy, to performance art,

and... musical comedy... totally engaging and fun."

BUST Magazine (Hospital City)

"…from dazzling, raucous spectacle to quietly disturbing intimacy. Huba, an accomplished Canadian playwright, writes hilarious dialogue spit out by Jane and Dick… The story examines the expectations of intimacy and sex within relationships, and the consequences of sharing one’s perversions with a partner through a feverish, dreamlike lens.”

BUST Magazine (Dirty Little Machine)

“Funny, disturbing, and original, Miranda Huba's new play Dirty Little Machine takes a fresh look at secret sexual fantasies, pornography's dominance of American culture, and the complications that arise in personal relationships when the private becomes public.”

Flavorpill (Dirty Little Machine) ***EDITOR’S PICK***

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